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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Style Challenges

I've been posting pictures for a Style challenge I am doing over on my other blog which is here.
Sew Ruthie's Colour & Style Blog

Please do leave comments if you pop over there.
If you just want to see the next sewing project... the brown turtleneck will appear Monday probably as life got busy.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cool Dark Brown Ponte Leggings

Here's the leggings, or maybe they are slim knit pants (they are not as tight as leggings, but still a very different silhouette to my usual wide leg pinstripes).
These are McCalls 5394 which I made up previously in a black self stripe knit. I've not worn them yet as it is still summer and more shorts and skirts weather.
So here's what the 6PAC looks like now. (P.S. I know I don't seem to be able to count)

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cool Dark Brown Ponte Cardigan

The cardigan had to be made from the limited remaining fabric so I used the Prima November 2010 pattern again but shortened it and made the collar area a little narrower.
The selvedge had an interesting fringed effect so I have used that as my finished edge.
So I now have a cardigan, skirt and top all in the same shade of cool dark brown, enabling me to create an inner or outer column.
Here's the 6PAC so far.
I have leggings/slim pants and a turtle neck still to sew in the brown but after 3 garments I am already bored of it. Just need to push through and finish those off this week.

Cool Dark Brown Ponte Skirt

This is a very simple skirt made from the cool dark brown ponte which is the same colour as the drapey viscose (rayon) knit I used for the top yesterday.
I like to use the back piece of the skirt from Vigue 2989 and cut it out twice. Side seams are stitched and overlocked, top is overlocked then elastic zigzagged on by machine (easier to remove if required!). The hem is simply done on the coverhem machine.
With yesterday's top this makes a dark inner column, ideal for wearing a bold jacket/scarf/necklace. Those supporting pieces make getting dressed a lot easier.

Cool Dark Brown 3/4 sleeve tee

I decided to go down a slightly different route for a few garments and pick out the cool dark brown in the leaf print.
The stash yielded two appropriate pieces, both nice quality but no idea when/where I purchased them.

The first is some beautifully drapey viscose knit ideal for the 3/4 sleeve top.
This uses the body from New Look 6414 View C and the 3/4 sleeve from New Look 6735.
It is a very basic piece that can have a supporting role, for example with my existing purchased brown/lime leaf print skirt and bright lime jacket, just add a lime necklace for some colour.

Already cut out I have the same top with long sleeves and a turtleneck for when the weather gets colder. The lovely drapey fabric will be a wonderful piece against the skin if I want to wear a wool sweater or jacket on the top. (I can't bear wool to touch my skin, the fibres make me itch)

The second fabric is the same colour but a much heavier weight ponte type knit, so am planning a classic pencil skirt, some slim pants/loose leggings and maybe a cardigan if there is enough fabric left over.
This is the darkest colour found in my hair and is a great dark neutral for me (I think!).

I have the sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem all threaded up with dark brown so should be able to make good progress over the next few days/evenings. I will share as I go.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Coral pink half sleeve tee

Remember the collection I'm making for late summer.
And I made the leaf print skirt
And now I've made the coral pink top
This uses the body from New Look 6414 View C and the sleeve from New Look 6735 cropped to elbow length due to fabric limitations, I added bands on the sleeves to make them slightly longer.

I now fancy making some dark brown leggings and a cowl top to wear under the coral mesh cardigan but need to stay focussed and make up the coral jacket next if I can find the pattern.
I also need to mow the lawns, trim the front hedge and paint the trim on the garage whilst the weather is good!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Coral Mesh Cardigan: Prima November 2010

I bought the fabric for this a few weeks ago from the fabric stall on the Monday market, mostly because it was coral. As the fabric is cotton I prewashed it to avoid too much shrinkage later. I didn't measure it before hand but I think it did shrink quite a bit in width.
I couldn't quite think what to do with it, and then decided that actually a simple cardigan style would be the best bet.
The fabric is a cotton mesh base with chenille sections, no stretch and quite big holes between everything.
I sewed with a longer than usual straight stitch (length 3) and overlocked immediately to keep the edges contained.
The front is cut on the selvedge of the fabric.
I used a cardigan jacket pattern from the November 2010 issue of Prima magazine. This is a general women's magazine published in the UK, which if you subscribe comes with a free sewing pattern, often a very simple style, so good for things like this.
Not sure what you could possibly do with the leftover mesh scraps!

Cream Culotte Slip

Cream culotte slip made from a lovely soft cotton blouse fabric which has been in the stash for a long time.
This have been made in the same way as the previous ones.
I wanted a light coloured slip to wear under the lighter skirts and dresses.
I will test it tomorrow under a purchased skirt and decide if the rest of the fabric is another slip or a blouse/top instead.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Shoes

New shoes purchased on Saturday at the Clarks Outlet.
Sturdy skintone wedge sandals to wear with summer skirts, and slip on suede wedges to wear with dark tights and knee length winter skirts.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Happy Birthday Bunting Finished

Here's the completed Happy Birthday Bunting, hope the recipient (my dad ) likes it.
The description of how I made the letters is here. Happy Birthday Bunting.

Updated to add this is for a family BBQ for my Dad's 70th birthday at the end of the month.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Barcelona Stained Glass Window Quilt

My lovely auntie Joy made this beautiful quilt for me. I am so lucky!!
I am not a quilter and have never had a quilt before.
Isn't it gorgeous?
It is based on one of the stained glass windows of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

It is even better than the photos as the quilt shows both the beautiful stonework and the richness of the colours in the glass which doesn't quite come out in photos.

It is hanging above my sofa and I am overjoyed with it.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wearing the coral leaf print skirt

A quick shot of me wearing the coral leaf print skirt.
I've added a pink cotton sweater, dark brown belt and sandals and a gold coloured necklace and earrings in the shape of a leaf.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Happy Birthday Bunting Letters

The blue fabric I bought on Monday was for this birthday bunting, each flag is 9" high and 7" wide.
I printed the letters out large on paper, then roughly hand copied them onto the blue fabric with a sliver of soap, then stitched cord over the soap lines with a straight stitch.

I am planning on backing these with matching fabric triangles and turning through as neatly as I can then stitching together with blue tape from my haberdashery box.
The technique was inspired by this cushion from Tesco (no longer available) which I snapped on my phone one day as inspiration.

Hopefully will be able to share the finished item by the end of the week.

Coral Leaf Skirt - Butterick 3972

I made the first first of ployester linen mix leaf print fabric into Butterick 3972.
It was much trickier to cut and sew than the black and white linen print, being much finer weight and very prone to fraying. A good press with a hot iron right at the end seems to have sorted things out and it hangs beautifully, and like a skirt from an expensive shop.
Apologies for the slightly wonky camera angle. I plan to wear it some time this week and will get the wheely bin to take a shot so you can see what it is like being worn.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday Market Man

You may have noticed that I often reference my fabric purchases as being from the Monday Market Man.
This is Tony, an old fashioned open air market stall holder, with no website.
He often only gets one roll of each fabric so if I like it I tend to buy it in case he doesn't have any more next time. Fabric is usually £2.99 per metre, with the more expensive ones being £3.99.
Apparently he does occasionally get special fabrics in which would be more at £8.00 etc but I've not seen any of these. Tony has a double width, double sided stall in order to display as much fabric as possible. It is arranged by type and always in the same way so you can find what you want. From left is printed lightweight cottons, the right is other wovens e.g. things for trousers and jackets, round the other side there's a whle section just of knits (this is where I buy the most), then round into linen prints, tapestry and the newer speciality items e.g scuba.
None of the fabric is seconds and everything I have bought from him as worked out well, to the point I've abandoned the local roll end shop which had a lot of low level stuff.

If you'd like to see Tony's lovely fabrics he is available as follows:
Monday, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Wednesday, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Friday, Lichfield, Staffordshire
on the open air market of each town from 7am - 5pm

I live near Chesterfield and can walk from my workplace to the market in my lunchbreak.
I don't know Newark well so can't comment too much.
Lichfield is a lovely place and well worth a little trip if you are an hour away. You could go for the day, visit the adorable Cathedral, where you can see the ancient book of St Chad, pop to the market, look round the shops, have lunch in the Cathedral cafe etc. It would be a delightful day out.

Apparently Tony did previously go to Loughborough market, but some sort of reorganisation there reduced the stall sizes below the size he needs to display the fabric so he doesn't go anymore, which is a big loss to my auntie who lives in the area.
Here's what I bought from Tony today
Left: 2m of black and white striped ponte at £3.99 a metre. I just loved the quality of this and have no idea what to make it up into. It would be great used with plain black ponte in a panelled dress perhaps.
Centre: 1.5m of polyester linen mix also at £3.99 a metre. I bought some of this the other week and have a partially contructed skirt I'll finish and share tomorrow, but really wanted to have a blouse as well so got some more before it all sold out. The shapes and colours in this print really reflect my natural colouring and the shapes in my features so I thought it was a real winner.
Right: 4m of a poly mix suiting twill in medium blue at £2.99 a metre. I chose this for a craft project (which I'll share later when complete) but decided the fabric was nice and I would buy the rest of the roll and see what I wanted to do with the rest. It is a good medium weight so could be anything from floor cushions to a skirt and would make indestructible shopping bags.
Can anyone enlighten me on what the writing woven into the edge stands for? This fabric smells a little musty so could be quite old. RUBIN TERGAL or maybe RURIN TERSAL??
(Updated to add apparently Tergal is a sort of good quality polyester fabric and Rubin is probably the manufacturer's name, it seems to be the sort of thing uniforms and overalls are made from, so would indeed make almost indestructible shopping bags using that stripe webbing I got from Bond's haberdashery shop in Farsely Leeds 2 years ago)